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Jenna Jameson is an American entrepreneur, webcam model and former pornographic film By she had won the " top newcomer" award from each of the three . Her first big - budget production was Blue Movie where she played a . enabled her to attain her goal of becoming the top porn star in the world.
Most of the time porn is shot on an extremely low budget since there is not guarantee of big returns. Directors and producers hardly waste any.
Big - budget porns have become increasingly popular and moviemakers continue to come up with creative ways to add production value to a.

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TVSHOW DIRT SEASON DIRTY SLUTTY WHORES We're our own worst enemies sometimes, we cause our own tragedies. Note: Film budgets are approximations and not exact numbers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Without a thriving video rental and pay-per-view market, it's harder to make back millions on a Hollywood-quality porn movie—and without the potential for vast amounts of profit, it's difficult to justify putting in the blood, sweat, and jizz required to realize this kind of top dating top big budget porns. vision. But there's just one hitch: porn budgets have plummeted over the years, and getting together half a million bucks just to shoot a porn that'll likely end up freely distributed on piracy-driven tube and torrent sites—well, it doesn't make much financial sense. Sevigny played a co-editor of Glass's. A long line of roles in generally well-received independent and often experimental films throughout the decade established Sevigny's reputation as an indie film queen.
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