Up for more cultural references in witcher

up for more cultural references in witcher

Without further ado, I bring to you 10 more pop culture references you may or may not have found Use your Witcher senses to follow up.
In the build- up to release there were a ton of references to Skyrim, of hours to uncover - but now it's out the comparisons are more in-line with.
Post here any Easter eggs / pop culture references you found one Petey and plans to "live off the land, in the woods, and never grow up!" - Reference to Peter Pan. Also Geralt comments that "the last part is the most likely". A very subtle reference to Kill Bill and older Japanese cinema can be found in the quest Of Swords and Dumplings. Some media figures might realize that if they looked beyond the white guy on the box. This is an archived post. I have ones just like that on the curtains in my summer house, in Kaszuby. I can't pretend to suggest that they're fables "Polish style," because I don't know what that looks like I'm Canadian myselfbut they're very clearly written with an understanding and appreciation of the author's local folklore. up for more cultural references in witcher